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David Brady's first major breakthrough patent was in 1939 when he designed a shoe with rubber enclosed steel round spikes. From 1937 till 1939 David worked with Abe Kushner, Trainer of the Detroit Lions, developing improved baseball and football spiked shoes. Ankle injurys were a problem in both sports. The new design was based on a round spike would come out of it's rubber coating only when the weight of the player was applied. Once the weight was removed the spike would fully return into the rubber enclosure. Sliding would be especially safer for defensive players, especially catchers.

The three teams that used the shoe in 1939 were the Detroit Tigers, Philadelphia Athletics and the New York Yankees. Joe Gordon of the NY Yankees wore the shoes in the 1939 World Series beating the Cincinnati Reds. Gordon played second base for the Yankees and expressed his positive comments on David Brady's shoe. The Yankees tried the shoe specifically for Joe DiMaggio who injured his leg on April 28th 1939 trying to catch a fly ball on a very wet field.

Any similarities to modern baseball shoes today only proves how advanced David Brady's design was in 1939.

Detroit Tigers' Del Baker


View Patent Documents: U.S. Patent Number: 2,222,650 (Opens .PDF file)


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