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In 1937 David Brady started working with Abe Kushner, Trainer of the Detroit Lions, to design athletic sports shoes that were comfortable and safer from injury. Patent #2,258,734 achieved both goals for football players. The Detroit Lions wore the shoe in the fall of 1939.

Abe Kushner



View Patent Documents: U.S. Patent Number: 2,258,734 (Opens PDF File)


Football Helmet / Concussion Protection

At the same time David Brady was working on the safety baseball shoe he was having thoughts regarding the head injuries to football players. Concussions were a big problem even with players much smalller and lighter in the late 30s/early 40s. In 1939 Riddell came out with a plastic helmet that had a adjustable belt inside to accommodate different size heads. This was better than the leather helmets but still needed improvement.

In 1939 the Chicago Bears wore the Riddell helmet in the annual all star game. David Brady introduced his helmet with sponge rubber protection in 1940. Following the submission of the football helmet patent David Brady communicated the advatages to both Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears. Over the next 3 years my father traveled to Chicago to meet with the Bears people - Riddells. This coordinated effort accelerated the progress of design and safety of the helmet. The breakout of WWII in 1941 made getting materials like rubber, steel, and aluminum difficult and near impossible.

Although he felt his helmet was a better design, the Riddell hemet had one thing his helmet did not have-the support of George Halas. Riddell was a Chicago based organization where the founder of the National Football League called home. Riddell ended up supplying helmets to all NFL teams.


View Patent Documents:
David R. Brady Helmet: U.S. Patent Number: 2,296,335 (Opens PDF File)
Riddell Helmet: US Patent Number 2,293,308 (Opens PDF File)
Harvey Holstein Helmet: US Patent Number 2,194,903 (Opens PDF File)
Mulvey Athletic Helmet: US Patent Number 2,150,290 (Opens PDF File)



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