Sports Knee Brace

In 1939 David R. Brady worked on designing a knee brace that would allow flexing but would help against knee twisting. Enclosed is a picture of the knee brace worn by the captain of the 1940 University of Detroit basketball team Hank Lundgren. The brace was called the "Johnson Knee Brace" after Detroit Lion all star lineman Jack Johnson. Jack Johnson played in the 1940 Football All Star game.Lineman Jack Johnson worked with David Brady in the design of the knee brace.

In 1943 Hugo Goldsmith, president of Sports Products inc. and MacGregor sporting goods, was "deeply interested" in the new style brace. Mr. Goldsmith had substantial experience with knee braces and other similar products. He had his own knee brace patent in the 1920's.

Photo Below: Jack Johnson,2nd left, Clare Randolph (also Detroit Lion player), Fred Mandel (owner of Detroit Lions), and Potsy Clark, Head Coach of Detroit Lions dated 8/07/1940.

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