Surgical Bandage

In 1941 the United States entered WWII. David R. Brady voluntered to work in the medical research department of Wayne College to do his part in the war effort. He worked on several projects that helped our soldiers overseas. There was the ripple sole shoe that softened the landing of the paratrooper. There was also a helmet for tank military to reduce head injuries on rough terrain.

But David Brady's greatest assistance to his Country was his design of a surgical blanket that would not stick to burn victims. He felt that better than 25,000 soilders of the United States, England, Canada and Australia lives were saved by this new design. David Brady combined with Owens Corning to develop the bandage for sale to the public.


View Patent Documents: U.S. Patent Number: 2,477,403 (opens PDF link)


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1943 SCIENCE publication discussing advantages of new surgical bandage